“Murder, He Painted” – season 1, episode 1 “Body on the Beach

As the early morning sun peeks through Seattle’s (??) iconic Inuksuk’s legs, a ghastly (but titillating) sight is slowly revealed. The head stone of the giant statue has fallen and crushed a scantily clad female jogger. The “Kissing Coppers” are on the scene unfurling the crime scene tape and looking for clues. As evidence of foul play builds, the two bobbies decide that this is a case for GNAY, master artist and amateur sleuth, and the call to his secret mountaintop atelier is made. The ruggedly handsome artist and his lovely studio assistant arrive on the scene which is also the location of GNAY’s recent “plein air” masterpiece “To Solitudes”. With great flair and authority, the artist immediately takes the seagull in for questioning and collects the bottle in the sand for further investigation.


November 07, 2016

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