It’s been a long time coming and Artzila is finally here! It is still hard to believe that something that was once a dream I was working to achieve is now a reality.  I have always wanted to collect art for the simple pleasure of owning something beautiful that brought me joy and enriched my physical space. Like many people, however, I found collecting art not only daunting at times, but financially out of my reach. And so the concept of Artzila was born out of this simple need that I felt many shared with me.  I wanted to make art accessible and affordable to everyone while still providing value for buyers and artists alike.

Our mission at Artzila is to help you find art that you love! Art is dynamic and stimulating but most of all it is personal. You will be sure to find that piece you can’t live without amongst the works of our many talented artists. So visit us often, get inspired, and live with art!


November 27, 2013



Love your brand. Love your concept. Love the art. Amazing work. Keep it up!!!

December 11 2013

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