We are delighted to welcome Patricia Haftar as Artzila’s newest member.  Patricia was born in Toronto but is now a Niagara region based artist.  Patricia’s background is varied, having studied Commercial Art, Food Sciences, and having graduated from Teachers College.  After retirement, Patricia was able to finally focus on her love, art. 

Whisper in the Wind by Patricia Haftar -

Patricia is influenced not only by her fellow artists but in particular the “rhythm, harmony, textures, sounds, movement and colour” of her surroundings.

Reflecting Red Pine by Patricia Haftar -

Patricia uses in her paintings diffused backgrounds and photorealistic foregrounds. This combination creates a very interesting and thought provoking image for the viewer and art lover. The work that goes into each of Patricia’s painting is extraordinary and is a tribute to her passion for the creative process. She begins with a few photographs of a similar theme, from which she chooses one to enlarge in black and white and colour. The others serve as reference. Then she researches any other details she may like to add to her painting and finally begins to create a work of art.

Lemon Tree by Patricia Haftar -

Patricia strives to create not only art that is pleasing to her but that will evoke emotion and elicit a reaction from her viewers.


July 09, 2014

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