I am new on Artzila. I work in acrylics primarily and I consider myself to be a realist whose brain entices her fingers to occasionally wander into experimental art. I have been actively working on trying to expand my venues over the past year various galleries, shows and a first time ever art agent. I currently manage a small juried all original fine art show in the township of Pelham for the Pelham Summerfest which draws about 15,000 people over the 4 day event. I have been honing my skills over the past 10 years on helping artists to advertise/promote themselves and the shows in which they are involved. It seems many of the art shows have folded over the past few years or are on their way out. I think of the Rideau Art Festival, the Ottawa show that went strong for 30 years and closed their doors a year or so ago. Rideau was the standard by which shows such as the Cobourg Waterfront Festival, Lyons Art Show and the Pelham Art Festival, Muskoka Arts Festival, Buckhorn were modelled after to name just a couple. To do  shows is a hard slog, lights,tables, tents, fees, insurance, art work etc. etc. and even if you did a show every other weekend you still were only reaching a local audience.

 When I first began to show my work (at that time watercolour) I got involved with giclee prints and cards. I was told that this was the way to go with my work. Until I realized one tax year that I had $3,000 of paid print work sitting in my studio gathering dust and the only person really profiting from the prints was the person printing them for me. I checked my record on original sales and I was making far more profit from original work. Since that time, I have been very wary not to allow my originals to be photographed for the purpose of making prints. I do like most artists make specific sketches/drawings that can be used for art cards – it does help pay the bills.

 You might be thinking  ---- why then get involved with Artzila. It’s simple, I like what they value. I did check everyone’s credentials and work on Artzila. I did my do diligence. This is the best way to get our art work out to a wider demographic. Artzila is a company of artists, by artists and for artists a triple punch hard to beat. It is juried by well educated ( in the arts) women. I am looking forward to developing a great relationship with this company.

Guest BLOG written by Patricia Haftar


July 14, 2014

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