We are very excited to introduce Ashley J. Myers as Artzila’s newest member.  Ashley’s work is simply vibrant, full of life and colour.  Her work reveals a love of nature’s rugged beauty and shows elements of its “quiet resilience” .  Trees in particular are near and dear to her heart and are the subject of many of her pieces.  

Standing Still II by Ashley J. Myers -

Ahsley’s current projects include mixed-media pieces that combine her love of music and literature with art.

I am very drawn to Ashley’s work because it has a quiet beauty about it yet her bold , lively colours just seem to bring her canvas to life.  Ashley’s work is stylized, yet when I look at her  work, I can see the swaying of the trees and feel the peaceful, serene breeze.

Tree Tango by Ashley J. Myers -

I am always fascinated by such juxtapositions in works of art and the talent of artists who are able to achieve this. 


July 17, 2014

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