For the Creator

I have been fascinated all my life about how things work, especially the mind.  It usually is people's best friend and worst enemy, although the latter seems to dominate more often than not.  For artists, it is definitely no different, even worse sometimes, since being an artist is usually pretty isolated and could get depressing, if that is all that you do.  In order to not check yourself into a mental institution  due to all of the thoughts that your mind is conjuring up, it is important to use your art form as a meditation, not a means to an end. If you can really get present in the moment as you are creating your next master piece, you can actually enjoy each step of the process instead of always focusing on the finished product.  This seems to be a missing link, especially today with the younger generation, since we have been conditioned to believe that results are what is the most important, instead of the experience.

For the Observer

If you are just an observer of art, then you too can use art as a meditation.  Just by being with it and observing it from a non-judgemental/labeling point of view, you can feel the art move you internally without your mind distorting it.  This is a wonderful way to connect to the art from a greater dimension and really experience what the artist was trying to communicate in the piece

Pawel Wegrzyn

(Guest BLOG)


December 11, 2015

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