Canoe Perspective

by Myers, Ashley J.

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Ashley J. Myers spent a great deal of time absorbing the sights and sounds of the Burlington Escarpment as a child.  Time in Northern Ontario further fed her love for the rugged, natural beauty of the province of Ontario.  Ashley called jaw-dropping, Jasper, Alberta, home for many summers while completing university.  You can see elements of these places in her work.

Trees are especially close to her heart.  She regards them as, “sages, who remain steadfast and unwincing in the face of upheaval, challenge and harsh conditions.”  Their ability to endure and adapt to an ever-changing environment inspires many of her paintings and, more generally, her life.  The Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Paul Gauguin and countless lesser known artists, are ever-present in her mind when working on a piece.  Nature’s quiet resilience is the backbone of many of her paintings.

Ashley is currently working on mixed-media pieces that blend her love of music and literature with art.  Some of her favourite writers and thinkers like Gibran, D.H. Lawrence and Hunter S. Thompson will be infused into her art in some way.  As always, good music will provide the backbeat to her pieces. Often she paints under the sweet sounds of Ahmad Jamal,  Django Reinhardt, The Pixies,  Johnny Cash or Billie Holiday, to name but a few.  When you look at her pieces, the trees seem to be swaying to a rhythm all their own.  The marriage between language, art and music helps to produce pieces that are soul-filled and meaningful.

Ashley sums up art’s importance...”For me, art represents a time and space to remember and to find myself and to lose myself; It is a sanctuary.”

You are invited to contact Ashley via e-mail: to make inquiries/comments about her work or to commission work.