Natura A3-1

by Ortolani, Bruno

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Born in 1954 in Rome, Italy Bruno lived in the Eternal City until October 1996 when he decided to move to Toronto with his wife and daughter.

Living in a European city rich in art & architecture, like Rome, inspiration is never ending. He gets his ideas from Roman architecture, Renaissance art, Impressionism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Immigrating to Canada his art took on another dimension; the large spaces of this country, the wild life that inhabits it and even the culture of our native peoples are new sources of inspiration which he expresses through classic oil paintings, photography and graphic art. Occasionally he will return to classic works to refresh his mind; believing in the creed “create something new but don't forget about the past”. Stimulated by the new medium, he has also used his original works in digital compositions and collages. Bruno has received recognition and praise from both the public and art critics. His works are part of private and public collections of various municipalities and businesses in Italy. He has been cited in a prestigious art annual, the Italian Art Annual of Modern Art 1995.