I have an affinity for colour & laughter, also a profound connection with the harsher realities of life.  An intense empathy with subjects allow me to capture subtleties of emotion in dazzling colour, with a significant dose of whimsy.

Exhibiting and selling since 2000, in many juried or invitational shows, my works are in corporate & private collections in Europe, North America & Latin America.

I have to paint. I get downright grumpy if kept from it for too long.

The work of Max Beckmann, Xenia Hausner, Édouard Manet and Alice Neel affect me viscerally, while the abstract works of Sol Lewitt & Joan Mitchell “talk” to me through colour & form. I want to have that effect on audiences, and use forceful lines (or outlines) and committed colour statements.

There is often a psychological undercurrent or edginess, hinting at a story (or several) beyond the canvas. The narrative shifts with each viewing, making the works endlessly alive, available to another interpretation, another story. These shifts contribute to the Aha! factor & the pleasure of (re)viewing.