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Girl Drawing - Random Twitter Image

I got this image off of Twitter and there was no title or artist. It reminds me of a time when drawing and painting came naturally to everyone. An age when you just went for it without fear of criticism or getting it wrong. You will never hear a three year old say, “I can’t draw”. By twelve most kids are saying it. It takes hard work to get back to being three.


“A Summer Night’s Melancholy” by Michael Sowa

I normally think including a dog or cat in a painting is a cheap ploy to sell a picture.  Not here. The title is brilliant. For me it captures the mood and concept without giving away the story. I’m not a pet expert, but I doubt that it is the dog or cat that the melancholy refers to. On a side note – I am not below using a cat or a dog as a cheap ploy. Great painting.


“Studio Interior with Radiator” by Pablo Picasso

I couldn’t find the real title so I made this one up. I was instantly drawn to this painting for its simplicity and rich colour palette. The bold black lines and representational rendering of objects reminded me of my own work. (remember this is MY blog) Staring through the studio window at the rooftops of Paris gives rise to feelings of comfort and hope.



Since this is my blog I thought I would start with one of my original paintings. I like to describe it as “the battle between commerce and creativity – with drinks”.

What I like most about it are the things I did not plan. Three arms, three buttons, three tears. Is this my Holy Trinity?


Introducing Gary Nay

We are starting a new daily feature at Artzila written by one of our artists, Gary Nay. Gary prowls the internet looking for art and he will be choosing a piece of art of the day. He will comment on each selection and tell you why he likes it. The piece may or may not be well known. Enjoy Gary's selections and expect a fun and witty commentary that will be sure to entertain!