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“More Easy Rider” by GNAY

It’s 1965 and GNAY is on a drug and booze filled cross Canada motorcycle ride to find himself. With his signature Canadian flag helmet and flowing locks the bad boy hippie artist traverses the country in search of the “Iconic Canadian Landscape”. Along the way, GNAY and his longer haired travelling companion get into all sorts of hijinks, some including drugs and naked women. But, is small town Canada ready for this devil may care hippie duo, or will intolerance rear its ugly head in an ugly and unexpected way? … life’s not easy when you are, “Born to be Wild!”


“Walking Tall(er)” GNAY

With developers running roughshod over city council, Vancouver is in chaos with mega condo projects spreading like mold across the city. Ex-wrestler and mayor for life, Robertson, fat on graft and in the process of buying a seventh term, is about to meet his match. Enter GNAY. Using his brush as a club, and his canvas as a megaphone, the popular artist wipes out civic corruption and kick’s the Rocks ass! Developers snivel as they are forced to abandon projects and fund the arts. When Robertson strikes back with his gang of thugs, Mrs. GNAY is accidentally killed in a naked hot tub ambush. Things get messy when GNAY seeks his revenge, but with the citizen’s hearts in his pocket, the popular artist is “slow clapped” out of city hall, to many tears.


“On the (Ladner) Waterfront” by GNAY

In this exciting remake of the Hollywood Classic, the New Jersey waterfront has been replaced by the rough and tumble Ladner Slough Shoreline. GNAY isn’t a dock worker, he’s a washed-up painter of river and seascapes. After being pressured into throwing an art competition, early in his career, GNAY spends most of his days with a line in the water and his head in a cooler. The fun begins when the body of his girlfriend’s brother, a fisherman, washes up on the beach. GNAY knows something, but does he have the guts to testify against the MOB, or will he stay deaf and dumb to protect himself? Will he do the right thing and win back his girl (ScarJo) and possibly reignite his painting career, or will he keep mum and have another beer? Either way, everyone agrees, in the painting game, “He coulda’ been a contender.”


“Another Apocalypse Now” by GNAY

Captain Willard is back on the river, but this time it’s the mighty Fraser. Once loved local “whimsical” artist, GNAY, has gone off the rails and has angered Big Oil with his dark “thought-provoking” paintings of environmental caution. Holed up in a Mitchell Island recycling facility, GNAY and twelve of his most loyal followers, vow to keep spreading their message at any cost. Captain Willard’s mission: Find GNAY and “terminate” with “extreme prejudice.” As Willard’s tug boat slowly chugs up the Fraser, towards its target, we wonder: is this what the world of art has come to? Will Willard/Bateman go through with his mission to take out a fellow artist? Will GNAY make the ultimate sacrifice for his cause? A


“Another Apocalypse Now” by GNAY

In this art business, I have found that when it rains it pours, and in my case, it’s pouring Banjamins (or in CDN $’s - Bordens)! The huge success of last week’s book series has led to a four-picture movie deal from one of Hollywood’s biggest players. Although Harvey Weinstein is a bit tainted right now, his track record as a producer, and his money, speak for themselves. I have been assured he is to be completely hands off and nowhere near the casting room couch. So here we go! If you thought apocalypses came in ones – you’re wrong! Here comes another one and this time it’s on the Fraser, not the Mekong, and GNAY is at the helm! Get your affairs together, because tomorrow: This is the End (again).


“Wine into Water” by GNAY

“GNAY – Wine into Water” – With his successful art career on auto pilot, GNAY turns his attention to helping others. Not satisfied with just enriching lives through his, “whimsical but thought-provoking” art work, the humble artist embarks on a “Miss America” wish list of global problem solving that puts Mother Theresa to shame. Poverty, global warming, racism – he tackles them all! With a “knack” for miracles, GNAY fills empty bellies, puts roofs over heads, and brings harmony to the planet, but it’s not all fun and games. When GNAY discovers, while feeding the multitudes, he can turn water into wine, all hell breaks loose. Will GNAY get “high on his own supply”, or will he keep it together and stay on the path? In true Gary Nay fashion, he keeps you white knuckled on the edge of your couch, as you race to find out!


“Queen Mary School” by GNAY

“GNAY Back to School” – With his art sales slumping and suffering from a serious bout of “painter’s block”, GNAY decides it’s time to go back to school. But, this famous artist isn’t going back to Julliard, he’s going back to elementary school. In fact, he’s heading back to kindergarten! GNAY finger-paints, paper maches, and crayons his way into your heart as he rekindles his passion for art, one project at a time. You will laugh when he farts at nap time. You will cry when his “brilliant” (teacher’s word) play dough ashtray is smashed by the class bully. And, you will cheer when he single handedly captures the Canadian Kindergarten Volleyball Championship! Then you will probably cry again when the paramedics arrive at the gymnasium to tend to the wounded…


“GNAY is Picasso’s Cat” by GNAY

“GNAY is Picasso’s Cat” – GNAY goes to bed as a famous artist and wakes to discover he is now a cat! But not just an ordinary cat, he’s Picasso’s cat! Spending his days in the laps of mistresses and muses (prrrr), and his nights defending the studio from mice and men, share GNAY’s feline insights into the famous Spanish artist’s processes and proclivities. Feel GNAY’s pain when he discovers he can no longer hold a brush, or a bottle. Feel his joy when he completes his first “paw painting” (to much critical acclaim). Follow GNAY through this strange metamorphosis, his struggles and triumphs, as he tries to find his way in the world as, “Picasso’s cat”!


“GNAY – On the Beach” by GNAY

“GNAY – On the Beach” – It’s 2025 and GNAY is now the most loved artist on the planet. The problem is – he may be the only artist left on earth! A U.S. – North Korean nuclear war, launched by “President for Life” – Barron Trump, has devastated the planet. Most survivors are either mutants or zombies and have little or no appreciation for art. In order to survive, GNAY is forced to scavenge the local beaches for fuel and food, and he hates seafood! As an enormous radioactive cloud looms on the horizon, will GNAY, omega man artist, be consumed by his “thought-provoking edge”, or will his “whimsical” offerings continue to bring joy to survivors facing an otherwise dark future?...


“GNAY – On the Rocks, With a Twist” by GNAY

Harper Collins Canada contacted me over the weekend. They love my work (paintings and writing) and have asked me to do a series of novels based on my life and paintings. This week, I will give you a sneak peek at the covers (with synopsis) that I am planning.

“GNAY – On the Rocks, With a Twist” – With art sales floundering, GNAY is forced into the wilderness to find inspiration and himself. Armed with nothing but a cooler full of beer, and his wits, GNAY battles the elements, and his ego, in a raucous Man vs Mother Nature, tipsy tale, of tragedy and triumph. Embodying the artistic spirit of Tom Thompson and the (shirtless) tenacity of Rambo, GNAY deftly kayaks into your heart, with each stoke of his pen, and paddle. But, don’t be lulled by nature’s siren song, because around every shoal lies an unexpected twist!